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Types of Computer Security Threats and Their Prevention

Computer threats are never too far away from you. They can be resting in your email inbox right now, waiting to get activated. The cyber threat is an issue that individuals and big organisations are vulnerable to. They are everywhere, and failure in preventing them can leak your private information, and harm your finances. Knowing about these common and advance level threats will help you to protect your PC better.

Computer Viruses and worms

The most common threats to your PC are the malicious programs known as viruses and worms which enter an important program in your PC and destroys its files. This destroys the program making it unable to run. Worms are similar infectious programs which instead of destroying a program replicate themselves to take up space on your PC. There are several antivirus developers who provide protection against common worms and viruses. But, it is also necessary for us to identify such programs which pop up when we are browsing the internet. Do not permit any suspicious program from an unknown source to install in your PC as viruses cannot enter your PC without your permission.

Computer Viruses and worms


Ransomware is a major threat which does not damage your important files. Instead, it blocks access to the data until you pay the ransom asked by the owner of this malware. There have been several ransomware outbreaks in the past, like WannaCry and Petya. It not only affects you financially but also encrypts your important business data and asks ransom for the decryption code. To avoid getting attacked by ransomware, keep your anti-virus and anti-ransomware software up to date and always use a multilayers security solution. Keep a back up of all your data, so even when it is encrypted, it does not affect you that much.



Phishing is not actually a software-based threat. It is more of an operating threat which is run by the criminals who are not intelligent enough to create their own ransomware. It is the most common type of cyber attack that you can face on a daily basis. These attacks come in the form of emails which can trick you into compromising your important information without any suspicion. The only and easiest way to prevent it is to identify such malicious emails and avoid them.


Spyware is another serious security threat which can monitor your online activities or install programs on your system without your consent. It is a major risk for your important data as it can be monitored by someone else. Before you install any program on your system, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the program to know what is the access that you are allowing that program. Do not fall for the catchy offers and always make sure to click with caution.

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